A must for those who like to know why Zanzibar is also known as "Spice Island".
In the past, even the sultans of Oman were enthusiastic about the exotic spices that grew on the island, amongst others cinnamon, pepper, saffron, cardamom, vanilla, nutmeg and - cloves. Its fragrance floats during the harvest season from July to December on the island - hence the name.

By cultivation and export of the coveted and expensive spices, the island was once rich.
Today, the spice trade does not matter too much anymore, but in the central parts of the island, there are still many spice farms. 
Be invited to take a walk, where you can see, smell, feel and some also taste up to 50 different fruits, spices and plants, depending on the season. Your guide will pick leaves, twigs and fruits off the bushes and trees and you will be amazed at how the spices that you have previously known only from the spice rack at home, look in nature.
You also have the opportunity to buy all kinds of spices - a little piece of Zanzibar for your home.