The East coast has a completely different appearance from the West Coast. Here white sandy beaches stretch for miles, lined by coconut palms and small fishing villages. There is little traffic on the gravel roads and they invite you to cycling. Visit the small villages with fish, fruit and vegetable markets and immerse yourself in the rural Zanzibari life.
A long coral reef protects the coastline from the surf of the Indian Ocean and provides good snorkeling and diving opportunities.
Many hotels are located in this tropical paradise; you will not find very big ones, but mostly medium and small resorts that fit almost unobtrusively into the landscape.

pic woman seaweed

Coming from the West the first village you reach is Paje. The former fisher village turned into a holiday destination with small hotels and cafes. The beach is very popular by kite surfers. 

In the Seaweed Center local women produce natural and organic skin care products. See how the seaweed grows in the ocean and buy some souvenirs in the gift shop.

In Jambiani you can swim in the Kuza Cave; it is used by the locals as a spiritual place. In a small restaurant you can learn traditional cooking methods or have a traditional lunch in a cocnut hut.