The west of the island consists of a lush green forest and plantation area. Here rice, sugarcane, fruits and spices are cultivated on plantations. Along the rocky coast, broken by small sandy bays already the Sultans built their houses and palaces. Of most of these, however, only scarce remains are left. You can visit e.g.

  • south of Stone Town Chukwani Palace and the villa Kirk House, later occupied by the British Consul, both built by Sultan Bargash,
  • north of the city the Maruhubi Ruins, the remains of the palace of Sultan Bargash's harem, to which allegedly belonged 99 women,
  • also north of the city the ruins of the Palace of Mtoni,
  • in Kibweni the Summer Palace of the last Sultan of Zanzibar.
  • Interesting is a visit to the dockyard behind the Maruhubi ruins, where you can watch the dhow builder at work.
  • In Chuini Cheetah's Rock, where you can experience - eye to eye - a handsome cheetah, white lion and many other animals. Booking required.
  • About 20 km north of Zanzibar town, the former Slave Chambers of Mangapwani are worth a visit. They were built by the slave trader Mohammed bin Nassor Al-Alwi. The slaves, coming by boat from Bagamoyo (Mainland Tanzania) were stored here until they were brought to the slave market in Zanzibar Town for sale.
  • Further north, in the direction of Nungwi, the fortress-like ruins of Fukuchani can be visited.