Time Zone East Africa (EAT)       UCT (Universal Time Coordinated) +3
       CET (Central European Time) +2
Currency      Tanzanian Shilling (TZS)
Official Languages      Kiswahili & English
Electricity     220-240 Volt
Plug     2-Pin, British 3-Pin connections available
International Dialing Code     +255 / code number / 6-digit local number
Phone Ambulance & Fire     111 + 112
Police     999
Sunrise     between 6.15 am & 6.45 am
Sunset     between 6.15 pm & 6.45 pm
Air Connection - direct     Ethiopian Airlines, Oman Air, Condor, Allitalia, Turkish Airlines, Qatar,
      TUI fly, Emirates/Fly Dubai et al.
- via Dar-Es-Salaam, Nairobi     Precision Air, Coastal, Fly 540, KLM/Kenyan Airways et al.

Travellers to Zanzibar require a valid visa. The costs are US$50 for most nationalities (US$100 for US citizens) for a single-entry visa, it is valid for a maximum of three months. You get it on arrival at the Zanzibar International Airport, it has to be paid by credit card.
Since end of November 2018, a tourist visa can be applied in advance online

For Zanzibar a Yellow Feaver vaccination is an entry requirement for all travelers arriving (including airport transit more than 6 hours) from countries where there is a risk of yellow fever transmission. 
Zanzibar is considered to be malaria-free, but there were some cases from November 2020. Please contact your doctor for more information. 

On the east coast, there is no bank,  but an ATM in Paje. Cash can also be withdrawn at the airport or in Zanzibar Town.
All ATM‘s give only TZS.

The preferred means of payment in Zanzibar is the U.S. Dollar. Please make sure that the $ notes are not older than from 2006, older ones are not accepted.